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I haven't blogged here since 2012. Why am I making a stab at it again?

I realized two things about social media I wanted to get away from. First was that I was often using it as a journal, which is boring and maybe TMI for those platforms. Secondly I was using it too much for my taste, so that I felt like a tool for marketers rather than using social media as a tool for my ends.

Monday, October 08, 2012


I talked to the Hospice nurse working with Mom a short while ago.  Yesterday when I said we were probably looking at weeks was likely optimistic, which I suspected even as I wrote it.  Rene(e?) said that she is no longer able to swallow.  She is medicated to keep her comfortable, and there is no indication she is over medicated.  They have been watching the pain in her legs, and we already knew the cancer moved to the bones.  It appears to have metastasized more, including the brain which is a possible or likely cause for the inability to swallow and her increased problems forming words lately.  Of course right now she doesn't seem to be speaking at all.

Rene said that two weeks would probably be a stretch.  The bottom line right now is that she could go at any moment and what they are working to do is ease her passage.  It won't be a situation where we'll be able to there at the precise moment.

I can't think of anything to add.

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