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For the next several months this will be dedicated to information pertinent to Allene M. Maddock. Her care has been assumed by Hospice as of 06Apr12.

Please feel free to call or write her. If you call be patient and take time to explain who you are. Currently she remembers, but you have to help her focus so she truly knows who she is talking to at the moment. We have to do this too, and I frequently say something like, "Yes this is Scott, your oldest."

Her phone is area code two-zero-six, and the number is 216 3816.

Her Address:
Allie Maddock
c/o Queen Ann Manor
100 Crockett Street
Seattle, Washington

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Mom was doing really well and we had a great time chatting about the past, present, and future. I brought truffles again, nice sweets that she can chew up easily. She was complaining about the floor and wanted a clean up. I said I'd try to bring along my vacuum cleaner for an upcoming visit.

I'm writing this a bit after the fact so many of the details have slipped my mind. We talked about Jack and how we'd take her and Jack's ashes to Neah Bay on her birthday and I think she was present enough that she will remember a little better. She really likes being reminded of the memorial plans, so I'll keep doing that for her. I let her know her wish to have the kids to get together was coming together and it looked like it wouldn't be too long.

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