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For the next several months this will be dedicated to information pertinent to Allene M. Maddock. Her care has been assumed by Hospice as of 06Apr12.

Please feel free to call or write her. If you call be patient and take time to explain who you are. Currently she remembers, but you have to help her focus so she truly knows who she is talking to at the moment. We have to do this too, and I frequently say something like, "Yes this is Scott, your oldest."

Her phone is area code two-zero-six, and the number is 216 3816.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Simple Asparagus

I like to rinse and cut up the asparagus (about 2" lengths) ahead of time, so I can do the quick cooking as the other dishes are finishing up.

It is very simple, preheat the pan to medium and when the pan is very hot pour in some oil (I like grapeseed oil as it won't smoke so much), and a liberal sprinkling of dill seeds. Let them 'toast' in the hot oil for just a bit, then add the asparagus, getting as much as possible on the surface of the pan. Set the timer for five minutes. When there are 2 minutes left salt and pepper to taste and add ten or so drops, (a modest sprinkling), of lime juice for flavor and steam, then cover until the five minutes is up. Serve.

Killer Rabbit

In honor of the best Easter movie ever (Life of Brian is up there too).

Works for 1.5-4lbs cut up rabbit.

In a hot (medium) pan add a couple tablespoons of rich olive oil and a liberal sprinkling of cumin seeds. The oil probably be smoking a bit so promptly add the rabbit pieces pushing most of the seeds to the sides. Sautee the rabbit about five minutes a side.

Take the rabbit out and add a chopped onion and a cup or so of sliced (or chopped) mushrooms at medium heat for about five minutes adding several more tablespoons of rich olive oil if desired, and a dusting of smoked paprika (1/8-1/4 teaspoon).

Add 1/3-1/2 cup of water with a little balsalmic vinegar and a modest sprinlking of garlic powder, a generous amount of sage, and stir.

While that is coming to a simmer/boil mix another two cups of liquid consisting of a cup of water and a cup of beef stock. (I use deglazed drippings from a roast beef so I go with a little less because of the strength of the stock.) Add a modest amount of salt, and some more balsalmic vinegar. Enough to make the raw sauce seem a slightly tart, but not to the point of having a distinctly vinegary taste. I add 1/3-1/2 cup of gram (chick pea) flour, mixing into a paste beforehand like you would for cornstarch to give a nicer body to the sauce. When this is at or near a simmer add the rabbit pieces back and when it starts bubbling adust the heat to maintain a low simmer. Simmer with the top off for about an hour.

In the meantime, prepare your side dishes, so that they have about ten minutes left to prepare. Once the rabbit has simmered for an hour or nearly so, cover the pan and finish the side dishes. Turn off the heat for the rabbit after it has been covered for 5-10 minutes. When your side dish(es) are done serve everything up...