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Friday, May 29, 2009


I was thinking about "heroic measures" in the medical sense. The survival rate for heart attacks are at a level which not long ago would have been unimagined. I probably got on this line of thought because tragedies still happen. I stumbled across the news that two months ago today Andy Hallett died of congestive heart failure. He was the host, Lorne, in Angel which I have been watching. Damn, he was young.

Then I thought of Darth Cheney. Here's a greedy (mr. Halliburton), cowardly (mr. multiple-draft-deferments), vicious (mr. torture), and amoral (duh!) creature. The doctors who helped this thing survive, do they look back and see anything heroic? Is this perhaps an even worse tragedy than the talented actor to did not survive?
ps - I love the gop operative (who was Colin Powell's chief of staff) that described Darth Cheney as "lonely, paranoid, frightened Dick Cheney."

Here's the picture BD mentioned, "Aaron's Old Man," followed by another which more clearly shows why they call it the "Old Man."
2460 Aaron's Old Man
2456 Old Man of the Forest

Here's the bus in which a year and a half ago I wrote my first full length play. (Still needs workshopping...). And six months ago where it was just too cold. With the small wood stove and damp firewood it doesn't warm up once the temp is below 15 F. At least not after a couple hours...
2352 Da Bus

This is about a hundred feet down from the bus.
2405 Swirl

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Coming Back From Going Back

It amazes me to hear the right whine about anyone's sharp tongue, especially after they brown-nosed and bent over at every opportunity for arrogant (and inefficient) bullies like Rummy and Bolton. I guess a sharp tongued non-white male candidate for the court is judged by different criteria. Why do the biggest bullies bawl the most about being bullied?

I spent last week in Canada. This time I came back from vacation feeling really refreshed. December I came back chilled (NOT chilled out), early April I came back decompressed, and this time I just feel good. Spring gets some of the credit. I'm slowly getting my pictures up on Flickr, and finding that I'm getting more shots I like than in the past. Is it possible that I'm learning?

Here's a picture of a C-47 (DC-3), which I took at the British Columbia Aviation Museum.
2064 Gooney Yearn

The same picture with the colors shifted to a nostalgic tint reminiscent of my aviator's sunglasses. That and the picture itself reminded me of my old and all but forgotten career in Naval Aviation. I go back and forth on which version I like better.
2064 Gooney Yearn With Shades

Here's my favorite of several moving water pictures.
2147 Styx Uprising