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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ding Ding Ding -- And We Have A WINNER!

well, maybe...

George Will must have had that Ace of Hates up his sleeve waiting to be the first to throw it on the national media table. To be fair, from that clip I didn't hear him saying Powell picked Obama because he was black. Was there more, or were the FDL folks a little too eager to nail someone for the pre-ordained belittling from the right?

Still, I love taking the thunder away from the professional hate-mongers. I mean how could that guy come up with it off the cuff, unless it was already there? Let's assume that Will gets credit for making the black connection. Was he really the first? Did anyone beat him playing the utterly predictable and even more inane race card following Powell's endorsement? Did he really beat the hate-centric race baiting likes of Bill O, Hannity, Malkin, Cavuto, Limbaugh, Imus, Coulter, ...?

Frankly the few times I've seen George Will I've always thought he should be reading bad poetry on Laugh-In. He's come across to me as dull, slow, anything but clever; an extra strength sedative in a bland suit. The usual racist hate mongering crowd must be really disappointed they missed the opportunity for the gold on this one. Oh well, they're probably touching themselves in commiseration while they look at this creepy (in a real way) Halloween decoration.

I hope they go so over the edge on this one that they won't be able to rekindle a Clinton-like witch hunt. What would they do if the democrats ever put a progressive on the ticket instead of a centrist? I can only dream.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Preemptive Cynicism?

I think Stevens is guilty. Mostly knee-jerk. There are real factors. Then there is the fact that he is a republican and from a family deeply involved in corruption. The "you are defined by the company you keep idea." Of course it can be taken to ridiculous ends as is the case with linking Obama to tenuous and ancient acquaintances. (Now if Obama was a recent keynote speaker for groups advocating domestic terrorism or celebrated vicious witch hunts in his church that would get him closer to the seemingluy infinite unsavory associate list of Palin.) Hmm, that is one quiet 800 pound gorilla in the McCain camp.

After the company he creates and keeps, there is precedent. Ashcroft. Gonzo. Mukasey. I don't know the credentials of the prosecutors in his case, but it certainly sounds like liberty university type shenanigans. Screw up the case so he gets off. Yup, I'd say he's as safe as a jaywalker wearing a brown shirt during a 1939 Berlin book burning. Of course, even then there was the occasional rogue cop who enforced the law. Maybe the apparent prosecutorial mishaps are more overblown Rupert-Noise. Dream on Scott...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Flying For Obama

I ordered new Naval Aviator's wings. I couldn't find my old ones, and as a combat veteran and former Naval Aviator (Naval Flight Officer) I am rabid about this election. I wanted to state my conviction, especially for those that claim to support to the military while using us like a moist towellette and tossing us in the shit can when our blood is no longer needed to salve over their cowardice.

I heard rumors about McCain, or McFlame as I remember one sailor calling him, when I was active duty. I disregarded them as much as I could, and like so many thought he was a breath of fresh air in previous presidential elections. It was in the last year that I realized the rumors treated him kindly. It was not unusual or inappropriate for POW's to be given license. As far as we were all concerned they paid their dues. We knew the Viet Cong did not screen prisoners, taking only those with strong resumes.

So, along with heroes and average guys some dirtballs were taken captive as well. I've read his record, and I suspect McCain was the latter, and that being abused didn't turn him into the politically weak and unprincipled man he is today. That is probably who he has always been, from the day he was born into a house with servants reminiscent of slavery. He grew up at a time when many minority enlisted troops were stewards, basically personal household servants for senior officers with no rights and the weight of military law keeping them completely obedient. Some grow up in that elitist environment and manage to retain their souls. Sadly, it appears McCain didn't have the strength or will to let himself be inconvenienced by a soul.

So, I will wear nice shirts for a while, to honor the wings which represent the sacrifices large and small made by our troops from the founding of our country until now. And to honor my personal obligation to truly support them I will wear the button of the candidate who I believe will give them real support instead of wasting them along with the power and reputation of our once great nation. It is the only way to make us a great nation again. I will speak against individuals and actions from any party which make us less than we should be.

I was surprised to find that I couldn't wear my wings today. They have a deep personal meaning for me, and wearing them with a T-shirt is not something I am at all comfortable with. For my actor friends who have taken mask (or in any way imbued an object with power) this is an easy concept. The first thing we did in neutral mask was learn to shoe and unshoe the mask, never in view, and to handle the mask with care and honor. Those wings are imbued with several years of hard work, challenge, and perseverance. Earning them is one of the accomplishments I am most proud of. Treating them with honor, gives the political statement more deeply personal meaning for me.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Comedy Sour

Did you catch dubya this morning (Friday)??? A couple things stood out. He appeared to me like a scared kid delivering a book report for something he never read. Not much of a confidence builder. Of course, I've detested him for a touch over seven years so I'm biased.

Secondly... So, after almost eight years of telling "Amercka" to be afraid of everything under the sun, he goes on about how we must not now be afraid. Too late numb nuts.

As for my thoughts yesterday. I'm wondering if the gop is cutting Palin loose already? I almost choked on my morning sardine breakfast when the big news was the McCain Campaign had released their investigation which cleared Palin. They couldn't find some neocon think tank to produce a fake investigation? And, this is fucking news? That's the liberal media for you. At least the official report is getting almost the same level of coverage.

I'm not sanguine, but I'm getting more hopeful that we'll slightly loosen the corporate stranglehold on America this year.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Taking the 25th

I was reading about Gerald Ford a few days ago. In hindsight it seems the primary purpose of his appointment was to pardon Nixon if needed, thus making the president appear to be above the law. We are paying the price today in blood and many years of delayed retirement for making the mba in chief above the law.

Apply that thought to Palin. Why pick a running mate already under the light of at least one very public official ethics investigation? Plus, she has proven to be a blithering idiot capable of nothing more than rote recitals of disconnected talking points. Why would she be picked? A colossal miscalculation? No. The opposite, I fear.

The republican machine is amazing in its capacity for duplicitous calculation against the constitution and the citizens it was intended to protect. Whether it be faking irritating robocalls from the opposition, caging and intimidating poor and minority voters, lavishly funding spoilers to the opposition, and on, and on, and on... I can't think that Palin was a big oopsy. They must be expecting and counting on the Agnew scenario, allowing the president to appoint a replacement they couldn't possibly elect. Cheney? Giuliani? Satan? It's becoming apparent that through mental, emotional, and/or physical breakdown and/or failure that McCain probably could not finish a four year term. Then we'd have another unelected president, and you can bet the republican machine doesn't want to go with another mostly inoffensive tool like Ford.

Of course, it appears there may be another miscalculation. The republicans are the last to realize changes in culture, and at the moment it seems the masses they market to have fallen out of love with Britney, Paris, etc. Vice President Nicole, er, Sarah just isn't garnering the long-term adoration they'd hoped. It appears even Alaska which like the other western states, doesn't much care what the rest of the country drones on about, is embarrassed. Kind of like we in Washington have been made to look like buffoons over Gorton, Ehrlichman, and the ultimate Abramoff/DeLay towel boy, doc Hastings.

So, there are the McCain moves to squelch the investigations. Why are they seemingly half-hearted? In the event we elect the dotard the last thing the gop wants is to have her in office for any length of time. Thus, only a token squelching is being done. This is not intended to stop the investigation, only to delay it. If the current trend reverses and we put neocons back in the white house, her investigation will grow even faster and she may not last the year. Then we'll have an obvious piece of trash like Cheney back in office, or a closet corporate imperialist like Roberts ushered in under the radar.

No, there won't be an intentionally incompetent prosecution for Palin, like what appears to be playing out for her fellow Alaskan and servant to Exxon, Stevens. Her show trial will be skewed the other direction.