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Friday, January 25, 2008

Theory of Conspiracy.

So, we're back to w stomping his lil' red PF fliers until he gets immunity for any crimes involved in wiretapping. People are pussyfooting on this. Here someone points out it's an obvious attempt to keep crimes 'possibly' committed by the administration and telcoms hidden. Grow some testicals and stop hedging. And there, someone points out there is no reason to hide the facts to protect the telcoms if they in fact acted in good faith. Etc.

Too many pieces fitting too tightly to be simple coincidence. Yet nobody utters the word conspiracy. Why not? Would enablers like Pelosi be too embarassed by the painfully obvious high crime? I'm sick to death of democrats who are afraid to do what is right or even say it because it might reduce their power. Let's seek real justice and equality, rather than selling it on no-bid contracts from Hell. F****rs.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Politicizing the Weather

Politicizing the Weather

All you experienced snow drivers, stay home.

It's the same story evrywhere I've lived, here, Georgia, Florida, Guam, Japan... "These local drivers just don't know how to drive..." Here we have the folks from the East Coast and the Mid-West boasting how local yokels simply can't drive in Winter conditions. They rub our noses in it all year round, their self-declared superiority. Makes them all sound like republicans. And like republicans the truth is utterly at odds with their claims.

Is it pure weather-driven hubris? I like to say so, but on a more logical level I think it is because they have lots of experience driving on frozen pavement or a thick layer of compacted snow and ice. We don't often get those conditions. We have extended periods of slush or wet ice on the roads, and uneven often jagged patches of ice. Quite different from the deep freeze conditions of our foreign whiners who whine we need state of the art road clearing heavy equipment even though we're down to needing it one or two days a year.

Like a simple-minded matron in a four wheel drive monstrosity believing they are impervious to the elements. One thinks their rickety tank will protect them, the other thinks their dated experience with utterly different Winter weather conditions will save them. The matron driving the urban farm equipment will learn they aren't impervious. Can't say the same for the foreigner from Lake Wobegon learning anything.

I went out to warm up the car. Since I won't brave the roads for at least another half hour I thought I'd melt the snow frozen to the windows instead of scraping. The junior high across the street started two hours late, and parents were dropping off their kids. I noticed most the cars were creeping. Of course the one spinning tires at 90mph, fishtailing, and making even less headway than the creeping was from Minnesota. How sweet of them to live up to my stereotype.

How about that? I bet you saw the title and expected me to go on about junk science and global warming for a gratuitous vent against evil.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Today's Headlines

Item 1: Bush threatens to veto any bill that weakens accountability for his education fiasco. You know, the unfittingly named *"No Child Left Behind" which has derailed real education in favor of training, and hasn't even done a mediocre job of training. I see education as teaching people to think for themselves, whereas training is simply learning to push the right buttons to keep the great american machine moving. Too bad the only movement his handlers approve is that of all wealth going to the already very wealthy.

Item 2: Bush is encouraging peace efforts in the Middle East. You know, that place where we find Iraq, Iran, Israel, Palestine, Syria, Af... All them places 'the littlest Texan' has focused his vitriolic misinformation and ridiculous belligerence.


I saw these two stories on my browser home page, Google News - U.S. Does it strike anyone that his efforts in these areas are utterly ridiculous in their unfailing backwards results? The first proudly illiterate president to be elected in our history. The first president to start a war for no valid reason. Before the war the reasons were proved false, and even the attempted historical revisions to supply better reasons fail to pan out. The only constant would seem to be no-bid contracts.

Is the president the only one doing this same damn thing over and over and over on an international scale, expecting different results? At this point anyone else in favor letting this man walk free meets those same criteria for insanity. The only real question about our president is whether he is criminally insane, or just a loser that was lucky enough for four years to fool and cheat his way to office? I believe the former, and would like to see a remake of One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest include a bumbling disgraced incompetent MBA in chief.

* A more apt title may be "No Child Will Not Get It In The Behind." Or maybe "No Child Left Unturned?"
      From BD: "No Child Left a Dime."
      Which made me think, "No Child Left a Mind."

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Going Down

[Written 02Jan -- Posted late]
I fell on my ass in the office kitchenette and was very pleased with myself. I stepped on a wet spot and before I knew it my leg shot right out and I ended up sitting down hard on the other foot. I looked like a hurdler at the apex of a leap. I slightly bruised the knee of the right leg which is the one which I sat/fell onto.

A couple things occurred to me. First, I want to continue working to keep myself limber. Before I did all this theatre work such a slip would have been pretty painful, and with lots of good luck would have only strained the groin and sprained the knee which was compressed. The knee bent enough that my foot was midway between the front and back pockets of my jeans, and without the limbering up of the last few years I would have needed more knee surgery. The second thought was with the fifty additional pounds I used to carry I would have gone down a lot faster and harder, though a witness said I would've had more cushioning.

Mostly I feel pretty lucky. I broke my leg a while back doing nothing more than roller-skating, so I know an unexpected tumble is a potential bad time. I startled the other person in the kitchenette. I suspect I let out a mild curse on the way down, before getting right up to dust myself off. Going straight down was likely a help, making it more of an instant stretch. Without a twist my ankles and knees didn't get that shearing strain, and with the lower weight were very happy.