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I haven't blogged here since 2012. Why am I making a stab at it again?

I realized two things about social media I wanted to get away from. First was that I was often using it as a journal, which is boring and maybe TMI for those platforms. Secondly I was using it too much for my taste, so that I felt like a tool for marketers rather than using social media as a tool for my ends.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


I was considering archiving my last post. Worried people would take it personally, rather than see the internal dialog I was putting to e-paper. Chill. That's all I'm trying to do as I write now. Chill myself. Things are a bit tense for me at the moment. Not too bad really, but knowing how things could change...

I know there is only a small handful of people who read this, which I still find flattering. I've never put a counter on this because as I have said before, this is a selfish pursuit. I'm writing for myself, exploring my world and issues along with my ranting and raving. I don't want to start competing with myself to see how many readers I have a day or per post -- maybe another blog for that someday, though my writing projects fill that desire. There is also the down side of counters, feeling bad if your numbers drop. I wonder if that or losing interest is the biggest factor in the ebbing of blogs I read regularly.

It's Spring and that adds to my general feeling of being adrift. You know what's great about being nearly fifty? There's a much wider age range which makes me lust. The lower age range goes up slightly. I remember when I was thirty-five and I told my brother when I saw a pretty teenage daughter and mother pair in the grocery store I was only interested in the mom, not the callow eighteen year old. He was twenty-seven at the time and looked and talked to me like I was from another planet. The upper age range does go along with me. So, the ladies who can make me feel all funny or smile inside still goes to my age plus about a decade. Most people can see the beauty in older people, but don't feel attraction until they approach that age themselves, and some not even then. I guess I'm in the category with most people. Makes me look forward to my seventies and beyond. Imagine being attracted to an age range which covers more than half a century! No wonder people tend to get happier as they age.

Even though I went to a small birthday dinner with my friend Beth whose birthday is the first day of Spring, somehow it didn't feel like Spring. I still didn't realize it was Spring when noticing it seemed I was feeling like a randy buck all the time. Driving to the office just before Noon yesterday did the trick. I may have mentioned last year the cherry trees, tulip trees, and other flowering fruit and ornamental trees along my commute route (nearly the entire arterial length of 140th Avenue NE/SE going through Redmond-Bellevue). All those white and pink blossoms cheered the gray drizzly day and recharged my batteries on my way to work on Saturday.

I was reminded again as I walked to Tully's today. I've several espresso shops within walking distance, and I go for the one with a real machine, instead of the push button pieces of crap most big places like Starbuck's (or McStarbuck's as I now think of them). My favorite is a quad half caff espresso with a long pull. Not too much caffeine if I'm not caffeinated, but enough if I am. I often have to explain what a long pull is, but there is no such option with the McStarbuck's push button machines, and I expect those automated pieces of crap will supplant the more useful machines in Tully's before long, but until then...

I'm going to decaffeinate again. I like coffee, but I just get tired of it every so often. I don't usually drink enough any more to get the withdrawal headache, which makes it easier. I don't get a rush from caffeine, never have, though I can get edgy if I overindulge, which I rarely do. As much as I like coffee, after a while it starts to taste bitter and I just stop drinking it for a week to several months.

For quite a while I've been walking to get my morning espresso on Sundays, and occasionally Saturdays too. If I'm low on grounds, I get some. I'm out of grounds and I didn't even think about more. My body's hint I've had enough caffeine for a while. We are an addictive culture. I watched Super Size Me the last few days. Nothing surprising, though the pandering of our government to the food industry is more egregious in reality than I realized. After quitting nicotine in 1999 (20+ years on Copenhagen), the hardest and most positive change I've made in my health was changing my diet, and being very picky about and aware of what I swallow. Since then every other habit has seemed easy to deal with.

Getting nicotine and the toxins in processed food out of my system pushed me over a tipping point. I can hear my body. Whether it is a very uncomfortable morning because I had a little wheat flour or too much sugar (brownie pieces in soy ice cream), increased sensitivity to caffeine, or a desire for veggies, fruit, or protein. The desire for other things has declined. When we did the intervention I lost my taste for liquor. I don't miss it a whit which surprised me, and while I'm not planning to quit forever, I don't have any plans or desire for a drink right now. If anything I feel a slight aversion. Same as when I think of most wheat or dairy things.

I had a corner, a half bite size of a homemade chocolate chip cookie last week. I could taste the caramelized stuff which I still like, but I distinctly tasted the butter and wheat flour, both of which were slightly yucky to me. This from a guy who stopped baking cookies unless I was taking them to a party or potluck so I wouldn't be able to gobble down as many at a time. I'm still planning on restarting the elimination diet, though I may start with chicken and rice instead of lamb and rice for the first two weeks. While I like lamb, I suspect like soy, it is something I need to eat in moderation. Chicken and most other meats don't seem to be an issue.

It's all guess work though. Even with the two week detox there was a lifetime of toxins to deal with. I did set a new base line, and my metabolism has changed quite a lot. So, I feel a second round will be nearly as beneficial now that my body's communications aren't masked by a proponderence of unnatural substances. I wasn't able to do more than remove most processed foods from my diet, which helped but didn't eliminate the digestive discomfort.

It occured to me as I was enjoying the lovely blossoms on my walk, that it was appropriate. I had Super Size Me in my pocket and was walking to return it -- having resumed more walking since I lost so much weight. My goal now is to finish the perishables I have, and restart the detox around the first of April. My local friends, I'll again be a bigger than usual pain to go to dinner with during April if I live up to my claim. I remember when I started this last August, and the hassle of trying to find things I could eat in restaurants. Sadly, I've found many ethnic restaurants are hard to deal with because often the waiters simply don't (or won't) understand one's need to know what is in the food, especially with regards to wheat, dairy, and egg products. So, most of my favorite Thai and Indian will lose my business until I have enough variety in my diet again. I've found there is a tolerance to small amounts of things my body dislikes in larger amounts. A half a bite of a cookie or a brownie is no big deal, but the whole brownie or cookie is no fun. However, when my diet doesn't have enough variety it loses it's tolerance.

I want to be able to enjoy salads and veggies when my organic veggie co-op starts providing me with treats in May. Anyone else in the area who wants to share a membership? I split a half share two ways with a friend, and would like to split a full share three or four ways. Last year I ate most of the goodies, especially after detox'ing and would like to do the three way split again. (Our third friend lives near Toronto now so that doesn't work.)


Blogger B.D. said...

I find that I have a love/hate relationship with coffee. Some coffees have an effect of warming my body even hours after consumption. It makes my digestive system feel "sour". Other coffees do not have the same effect, but they are few and expensive. After a respite, most coffees are fine and the effect of heating seems to be an accumulative one. Therefore, while I love to drink it on the rainy, cloudy days, I end up doing that for a few weeks, then giving it up for a time. Tea, even the strongest kind, does not have this effect at all and I tend towards it for my caffeine fix.

I've got The Omnivore's Delight on hold at the library. A copy should be coming free, soon. The author wrote an article recently for the NY Times Magazine in which he wrote a series of tips for eating, health, and having a low impact on the world. One of them was to avoid foods with anything in them that you cannot pronounce or are ignorant of. That cuts out a lot of restaurant fare. I've tried to follow this advice more as I shop. You wouldn't believe how many yogurt products this excludes! I ended up returning some basic yogurt to Fred Meyer's because when I got home and read the label it had all sorts of thickening and preservative agents.

Good thing we found that Indian restaurant! Just in time for elimination. ;-)

6:03 AM  

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