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Thursday, March 01, 2007

More Ups and Downs

Sadly what I referred to as a mostly failed intervention a while back, was an overly optimistic description. I didn't expect the home treatment attempt to work, but didn't say so until it actually failed, as I didn't want to jinx things because I wasn't hopeful. We had a conference call Tuesday evening, right before my class started. I was a little late for class, but they know what is going on (more than y'all do). It was a great class, and we did a lot of challenging work. I was sad and angry as a result of the intervention mess, and quite tired from the class work.

Then I got home and saw I had an E-mail from Kalon, one of my friends in Duncan, BC. I consider the whole family my friends, and enjoy my time on Vancouver Island visiting them and my other friends an hour or two north on Denman Island. The E-mail was actually from Kali, who is eleven this year. My friend Doug and I have been idolized by Kali, since she was three or four. It was a very sweet letter, talking about her writing and a conference where professional authors will read some of her stories and provide feedback, and maybe even get into a magazine. Then a very long "I love you and I miss you very much. xoxoxox... ..." There is nothing that can change your perspective more postively than young friends like that. It is why my favorite day of the week is Monday, when I get to read to the fourth graders in the morning.

Last night I called my friend Beth and we met at a fantastic Thai restaurant I'd never been to before. I think it is one of my favorite two on the east side now, and there are some damn good ones. Then we went and saw Ghost Rider. It was pure fun and escapism, and I loved it. Nothing amazing, but Nicholas Cage does bring something to it. And I couldn't help but wonder how many hours of wardrobe malfunction outtakes there must be for Eva Mendes. A striking woman, and I couldn't see what was keeping her inside her shirt. It was fun to speculate, and wonder if they had to use a lot of cgi. Like Night At The Museum, it was not an earth shaking movie, but a good solid movie of it's genre, which meets realistic expectations, and is fun as Hell to watch.

And, I did get cast in Arsenic and Old Lace. A small role, Officer Klein, who shows up for a bit in the last few pages. I wanted Jonathon the psychotic brother, but given my time restrictions this is the perfect role at the moment. And it has special meaning for me, as it was the first play I ever saw.


Blogger B.D. said...

Sorry to read that the intervention failed. It's almost a given. The person afflicted must decide in his/her own way that the time to change is now.

On the other paw, that's sweet about Kali. Thanks for the restaurant tip (we should do dinner, soon). And congrats on the part!

6:36 AM  

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