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I haven't blogged here since 2012. Why am I making a stab at it again?

I realized two things about social media I wanted to get away from. First was that I was often using it as a journal, which is boring and maybe TMI for those platforms. Secondly I was using it too much for my taste, so that I felt like a tool for marketers rather than using social media as a tool for my ends.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Maybe Later?

Got done with rehearsal last night, and couldn't find my keys for a long time. By the time I got home I was too tired to bbq the steak. I should have anyway, it would have sat better than the corn chips. At least that answered a question for me. I can eat corn chips, but in moderate amounts. I suspect the oils they are cooked with are more bothersome than the corn itself.

My stomach is also churning a bit over the whole Libby thing. That anyone can possibly believe our president, vice president, secretary of state, etc. should be out walking the streets without having a competent probation officer assigned to them is part of the problem. If they God they profess to believe in exists, they are in for a Hell of a time. Still, their likely sentences to an eternity screeching while being forever doused with boiling oil should not get them a get out of jail free card in the mortal realm.

I'd love to punch old dickey boy, that proponent of torture and other war crimes when he is going on about how we need to win the war by pouring more money down the Halliburton/Bechtel black hole. We MUST be patriotic sheep he says, not talk about the scandal leading up to their counter-productive but highly profitable quagmire. Wouldn't it be fun to put up a bunch of mirrors made from bullet-proof glass in the stocked hunting preserves he likes to frequent. I'd leave lots of premium beers at the shooting stations, to help keep him from recognizing the jerk in the mirrors. (He's got the balls to shoot pen-raised tame birds after a bunch of beer, but those withered raisins have better things to do than go to a real war.) This time he wouldn't be able to wait 16 hours after shooting someone before getting tested for alcohol, as he'd be sure to hospitalize himself with the ricohets. My only question is what he'd do when those first pellets hit him. Start crying and run for cover? Start pumping more birdshot at the mirror to stop it from shooting him, like a demented kitten fighting itself? Maybe he'd order the Secret Service guys to shoot his assailant.


Blogger B.D. said...

I re-watched V for Vendetta again yesterday. The corollaries to this administration are striking. Children of Men had the same feel. Interesting that we had 2 films over the last several months that dealt with a dystopian future set only a few years in advance (albeit with very different story lines as their focus). Then came Pan's Labyrinth which takes as it's setting the Franco regime of fear and torture from the world's past. Think that some film directors are trying to tell us something?

5:16 AM  
Blogger Scott said...

Coincidence. I bought a used copy of V for Vendetta on Sunday. I had a copy, but I liked it enough I wanted to support it. Now there's irony. I upgraded to a commercial copy of a movie that savages the whole corporate driven corruption model we've so painstakingly built, with the ridiculous copyright restrictions we now have as a poster child for the concept of using suborned government to abuse it's own citizenry for fun and profit.

I've not seen the other two movies, but they are now on my list.

11:43 AM  

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