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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It's Twue, It's Twue

I view this as an opportunity to secure the peace for a long time coming. I view this as a struggle of tyranny versus freedom, of evil versus good. And there's no in between, as far as I'm concerned. Either you're with us, or you're against us. Either you stand for a peaceful world for our children and our grandchildren, either you're willing to defend freedom to its core, or you're going to be against the mighty United States of America.
      President George W. Bush, February 5, 2002
      Masonic Temple
      University of Pittsburgh
      Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Emphasis mine.

I was curious. I thought I remembered hearing our war criminal in chief saying this, but wanted to verify my memory. About this same time I was working on a play where a young nazi woman in the BDM says this to her father, so I was concerned I was projecting onto a man who has earned my antipathy.

As I alluded to above this tenet has often been repeated by less than admirable people, most notably in recent history by Joseph Goebbels and for the same effect. The Bush machine is so proud that despite their apparent willingness to alter, change, or hide evidence to protect or extol themselves this is still proudly listed on the white house web site. It's wrapped with key words like "peace", "freedom", "our children", and "our grandchildren." Open up the wrapper and read the naked threat our leader makes to his constituents, "'re going to be against the mighty United States of America."

Never forget this. Not for a moment. Of all the things which this administration has chosen to cover up, this remains a proud and integral part of their core values. Fear. Hate. Intimidation.


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