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I haven't blogged here since 2012. Why am I making a stab at it again?

I realized two things about social media I wanted to get away from. First was that I was often using it as a journal, which is boring and maybe TMI for those platforms. Secondly I was using it too much for my taste, so that I felt like a tool for marketers rather than using social media as a tool for my ends.

Monday, September 25, 2006


I forgot to mention my Saturday mechanical foray. My friend Beth's car was dead, needing a new battery and alternator. I knew it would be interesting, as I'd looked under the hood before. The alternator was packed in their with no easy access, and I don't really have a good set of tools any more. Or at least, not all in one place where I can find them. I've a gray plastic case with full socket sets -- somewhere. My older toolkits need a steam cleaning and sorting. I found everything I needed, eventually.

Of course to get the alternator out I had to detach numerous brackets and the steering fluid and radiator fluid reservoirs. As I did that I had special thoughts for the Ford engineers. If there was enough space and a sensible mounting I could have changed it in five minutes instead of three hours. To top it off, in addition to heavy bolts securing the alternator, it had a friction fit with an orientation that made knocking it loose a bitch and a half. It was much worse going back in, and I finally removed the grill so I could get it lined up for a good whacking with a breaker bar once the top fitting was finally aligned. I only swore once, and nobody else heard me. It was a bit tiring on the back, as I was leaning over all the time to work because it's a compact. My truck, is much easier for that kind of job.

Then off to do some combat practice with Tina, and back home to bolt some food and clean up. Beth and I then met up to see The Real Inspector Hound at The Second Story repertory at Redmond Town Center. Beth gave me a ride. I was tired, and was delighted not to drive, and she was delighted to have her car running again. They did a good job with the show, and we had quite a good time. It is the third non-musical I've seen there. The first was Sylvia and after that I'd not planned to repeat the experience. Then my friend David wanted to see Waiting for Godot, the show where we saw Rachel waiting in line and met up. They did a very good job with that production, so I decided to give a non-musical production another go. I remember seeing Noises Off at The Village Theatre, which consistently does great musicals. They didn't do a good job with Noises Off. Like Sylvia it was very painful, with no change between the two worlds portrayed. It makes me wonder if farce is harder for musical theatre production companies to pull off. Not enough of a genre shift? Something to think about next time.

Afterwards we dropped by Border's Books, to check for Cabaret and they had it. I wanted a copy to prepare for the show for which rehearsals start tonight. My character references having worked in a couple shows, and I already had a copy of The Rainmaker. While we were there I saw a dvd set for Kolchak: The Night Stalker. A show with fond memories for my brother and I. One episode in particular was fun for me. There was a swamp monster which had this Darth Vader breathing thing. Maybe it is where Lucas got the idea? Whenever little brother got to sleep in big brother's room or vice versa, that breathing sound freaked him out. It always happened when I was asleep... Kolchak is a reporter who follows stories akin to the earlier X-Files, before they got stuck in the tedious conspiracy theory line. It was quite fun, and I watched the first two episodes over the weekend, the stories were fun and as they go on I'll bet formulaic. What made it stand out for me was the acting. You don't need a totally brilliant plot if the actors invest themselves. Not surprising Darren McGavin would do a good job.

I got in my long walk yesterday, taking the circuit through the Redmond West Wetland, a joint effort of the city and MS, and a very nice walk. Then through a bit of Bridle Trails State Park. I've lived thirteen blocks from the corner of the park for a decade and this is the first time I've walked more than a hundred or so feet into the park. Very nice, with wide smooth trails for the horses. Nice for walking with a script in your hand, though you do need to look ahead once in a while to spot those horse apples. I've the first half or third of the script down roughly. Ahead of the schedule, but with a full time day job, it is a necessary start.

We worked with our fight instructor/director at UW last night. It was fun, and there were of course the technical and intention notes, and a couple notes about phrases which were ponderous, meaning they were too slow. As we've sped it up, certain parts have stayed slow. I guess we weren't the only ones. It seems a strange problem, but not uncommon. I did something to my ribs. In one of the falls, and not the big forward shoulder roll, but a smaller one I got my arm under the right side of my chest and bruised some ribs. I can feel it a bit when I breathe deeply, and it twangs once in a while with stretching moves. It kept waking me up last night when I rolled onto my right side. Not nearly as bad as when I landed on my cell phone at 60mph, but it doesn't feel good either. There is one point where Trina gives me a bear hug from the back. It is pretty funny, because I effortlessly lift her completely off the ground, trying to dislodge her. I sure hope the tenderness abates before Saturday's test.

I regularly read a couple Wisconsin blogs. I think they are both in the Madison area. I don't have them on my list, because I'm pretty certain they never read this one, and it would make me feel stupid to do so. I hung out with jocks once in a while as a kid, but I didn't call them my friends. They were nice enough, but like the blog community, it's a bit of a two way deal. The one blog, which is written by a younger fellow is more thoughtful and intellectual, generally engages in comment conversations. I like most of his ideas and comments. The other, which is written by a fellow a little older than I has an eclectic mix, everything from his remodeling projects and motorcycle riding to his new twin granddaughters to political rants. And I do mean rants. Lots of radio-show type name calling, and some great links. He frequently bemoans his low number of readers, then never responds to comments or blogs from new people. Go figure. They are my peak into Wisconsin's liberal community. Not all that different from our's.

It's my feeling that the lack of unity in the liberal community is due to one thing. Liberals use their heads. We don't goose step with wannabe dictators shaking their viciously glossy pamphlets. There's things I disagree with these guys about. For example, the new grandaddy seems to be one of those who would be okay with spitting on returning soldiers in airports. He slams the little guys in the military ten or a hundred times as hard as the leadership and contractor/mercenaries. I don't let them off the hook either, but I hold the guys at the top more accountable, and have a deep and abiding respect for the rank and file. Okay, I'm a veteran, and I hope that is not the only reason for my respect. It's a charged issue, and in person he could easily push me to physical violence. I don't for a second believe he would. He has a view I don't understand or agree with, and I'd guess he'd see my view in the same way. Still, I'd enjoy fishing or hunting with him and popping a cold one or four afterwards. I would be hesitant about doing the same with a conservative with very different views on a personal topic. Especially since the boss conservative demonstrated they pop their cold ones before putting sharp items or guns in their hands. Like I said. Liberals don't agree as often, because we actually use our noggins at times.


Blogger coldH2O said...

I appreciate your comments & I apologize if I offended you. I didn't mean to. Your comments are a great addition to my blog & since I usually agree with you, I guess I saw no reason to comment. Again, forgive me. I'll try harder, man, beleive me. As for "my loyal four readers," it's just a little inside joke, not meant as a plea for more readers. Agai, sorry & I promise to try harder.

6:40 AM  
Blogger coldH2O said...

This is just to agree about using our noggins, except when it come to spelling "believe." Lock-step is no-step.

6:41 AM  
Blogger Scott said...

That's a gripe of mine. Why no spell checker for comments? I am slightly better than average, but even when I know how to spell something I often won't be able to spot a typo until several hours afterwards. And, why does the blogger spell checker not recognize "blog" as a word?

No hard feelings. I was in a testy mood, nothing to do with you other than I worried I might be an interloper. I'd love it if you could delete the comment I made on your blog last night...

11:11 AM  
Blogger coldH2Owi said...

Don't worry about it. I only delete spam. Hey, you need to put that "spit on returning veterans" thing away for good. It never happened. My complaint is that we all have a moral compass & we need to use it. We all make choices & we need to live with them. But I sure as hell agree with you that the high-ranking officers & their civilian bosses always escape punishment & THAT IS WRONG.
So here's my point in a nutshell - if a no-good, son-of-a-bitch rethuglican buys a cafe I go to,well, I don't go there anymore. I don't shop at stores that show me no respect. It's the same thing with soldiers - they need to make choices, just like the rest of us. The whole "being a good, loyal soldier" destroyed Powell's legacy & killed a lot of Americans & Iraqis. I also can't spell "again."
P.S. I live about 5 hours north of Madison, but it's still a drive I'd make to drink some beers at Genna's.

4:46 PM  

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