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I haven't blogged here since 2012. Why am I making a stab at it again?

I realized two things about social media I wanted to get away from. First was that I was often using it as a journal, which is boring and maybe TMI for those platforms. Secondly I was using it too much for my taste, so that I felt like a tool for marketers rather than using social media as a tool for my ends.

Sunday, June 19, 2005


Another good night. I even got home before 11 PM. Not straight to bed as would be smart, as I wanted to wash my sheets. I've only one pair of fitted sheets in good condition for the water bed, and don't like fussing with the others, though I may grab the old pair or a non-fitted one if I get too drowsy waiting. I am tired, but not feeling sleep deprived as the last few days. Got a good night's sleep, but my circadian rhythm is more disrupted than normal.

I think I'll crack a Fosters in a bit. One of the few mass produced pilsners I like, and it seems to taste better out of the larger can. I've tried the bottles, and the modest american 12 ounce cans. The larger cans are a touch more than two beers, 25 ounces, or a little more than a pint and a half. That is about all I like, and while it is only two american servings it seems very decadent to drink one. No problem having a couple beers, but both of them in one can seems slightly naughty. Maybe it would feel really naughty if I left it in the paper bag to drink it. Nah, I'll be a little classier and use a glass. Or not.

The show went well. My guess last night was very close, we had 35, maybe a few more and add the production staff that was watching we had forty people or more. Tonight was a little smaller, but much more enthusiastic. I thought it was a larger crowd until I got a good look at curtain call. Thirty maybe. With the audience response we've had I'm guessing a good buzz should be generated leading to progressively larger houses. Sunday matinee, opening weekend. There will probably be more cast and crew than audience tomorrow.

There were some muffs tonight, though I doubt the audience caught on. I double as crew, and on the scene change between Act III and IV I help strike a flight of stairs and set a chaise lounge and rolled carpet. Usually. Totally forgot the second part, and was thinking as I got to my mark for the top of the act where I enter from the lobby that I'd never been there that early. Shit. It was covered, and I owe Jennifer some chocolate. Props fell over, which should have been struck earlier, a cue was missed and brilliantly covered. Etc. If I'd thought about it earlier, I'd of guessed this would be them most daft night. People are pretty exhausted. Tomorrow will be a little better, and I am excited about Thursday once everybody has had a few days of good rest. Today there was a bit of a build over yesterday but fatigue was a factor.

I love it. Screw ups, and people cover and improvise. I generally enjoy covering for people, and feel bad when I screw up. With a cast this professional and talented it is all part of a day's work. People are grateful when they are rescued, and gracious when they are needed. There are a couple bitchers backstage, and I suspect it is due in part to the characters they are playing. They were some of the mellower folks during rehearsal. They are there when needed, like everyone else. There isn't a person in the cast or crew I do not trust, and that is a gift to be cherished. I would be happy to play bit parts or principal parts with any of them again.

My dinner is about done. It should have taken 30 minutes, but if you forget to turn the oven on it takes closer to 55 minutes. Salud and goodnight!


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