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I haven't blogged here since 2012. Why am I making a stab at it again?

I realized two things about social media I wanted to get away from. First was that I was often using it as a journal, which is boring and maybe TMI for those platforms. Secondly I was using it too much for my taste, so that I felt like a tool for marketers rather than using social media as a tool for my ends.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Chekhov Connected

It's been a busy week, and I'm still pretty busy. Yawn.

No rehearsals, so in theory Monday to Wednesday were days of rest, but other things kept me busy, and work had no respite. I worked forty hours, but felt like it was 80 hours worth of tasks. Better than the other way round.

Wednesday I saw Three Sisters with Rachel. Theatre folk watching Chekhov. Sublime. Recently our schedules have meshed, so we've seen a couple shows the last two weeks. What a treat. About the time you starting thinking "I haven't seen so and so in a while, I'd sure like to," opportunities present themselves. Interesting concatenation. I met Rachel when she was the instructor for my early acting courses. The man who played Ferapont was an instructor for Rachel's beginning acting instructor. Does that make him my Great Great Great Instructor? More coincidence. Bart who directed this show at the Intiman taught a Director's Lab at Freehold several years ago which Rachel attended as a director, and I and several of her other students from Bellevue Community College attended as actors. I was cast as Ferapont in a scene from Three Sisters which was Rachel's project for the second half of the class. And for another coincidence, I'm making what I consider my professional theatre debut in The Cherry Orchard right now, and these are the first two complete Chekhov productions I've seen. All sorts of connections for us with this show.

I had a couple fun moments backstage this week. Sometimes the sink starts making a loud noise when the pipes somewhere else are draining. I'd assume it is the bathroom sink straight above it, but in a building this old you never know. Anyway, it started making the noise on Thursday or Friday, which sounds like a urinal being used, only much louder. So, I just stood in front of the sink with my back arched as though I were making use of the sink to relieve myself. It was about ten minutes before the show started, so muted laughter was still okay, but they wanted to laugh much harder. A lot of eyes were tearing, and I was smacked playfully.

The other fun moment was when I brought in chocolates. There is a little chocolatier in the neighborhood, which also hosts a small coffee house. I picked up 16 premium dark chocolates, and they were quite a hit. Especially with the female cast members. They all made a point of telling me they were calling them "Sex chocolates" or that they were better than sex. Wow, I need to remember that! Forget the champagne.

Our Thursday show was almost cancelled. Heather stumbled on the steps at her house a week ago Sunday, and got a concussion and nearly had her eye poked out by the flag on the back of her son's bicycle. Scary. She wrote us about it, and reading it made you cringe and squint your eye. She wasn't feeling any better by Thursday morning and went back for another CAT scan and testing. She got a clean bill of health and finally started feeling better in the afternoon. We were happy to see she was doing better, and had a good show.

Paula and my folks were planning to come Thursday, but the tentative scheduling allowed them to deal with other things, and they were able to come Friday. My original manager from work, who sold me the Ballet tickets at over $100 under face value also came on Friday with his wife. I had given him my comps in appreciation for the ballet tickets. I was surprised I didn't feel extra nervous. I've not had that many people come to a show in years. They felt like high stakes guests too. Jeff from work who used to be my manager, and someone I like and respect. Paula, one of my best friends ever who is a director, and one I've worked with to produce shows. My folks come to a lot of shows, and I still yearn to do well for them. I enjoyed the show as much as any other, and enjoyed chatting afterwards more. Jeff and my folks were very enthusiastic about the show. Joyce (my stepmum) wants to see our show again after watching Three Sisters at the Intiman yesterday, if they can work it into their schedule. They're on a Chekhov kick too.

My folks had to run shortly after the show, to catch the late ferry home. I saw them again briefly as they gave Paula a lift. She had taxied out because their car is being troublesome, and we were meeting to go get some food and socialize. I didn't have my insured bike, or an extra helmet so I couldn't offer her a ride. Paula, her soon to be brother-in-law Guido, and I went to Piecora's right near her place and got some salad, pizza, and a drink. Guido is staying with Steve and Paula for a few days while he does a shoot. He's a photographer and cameraman, and I think DP for this commercial. A little after we arrived Gregory joined us. It was a fun time, but I was too tired to hang out until Steve got done with his late gig with Jet City and joined us. I went home a bit after midnight, and when we were all hugging and saying farewells Paula gave me a wonderful compliment about the show. Perfect timing and content. The good feeling stayed with me for quite a long time. I can't quite recall exactly what she said, just that it was sincere and very affirming of my work and effort. Nice for all us confidence-challenged actors.


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