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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Take a Deep Breath

I've been avoiding political tirades lately. I figure to spare you, gentle reader, and I figure I must sound tedious. Every once in a while I gotta' purge. Think of this as my spiritual emetic, and feel free to skip reading the rest.

Goddammit! Last week the biggest news items seemed to be Graner and Gonzales. I think the tsunami is more newsworthy at the moment, but I'm no media mogul. Back to the 'G' men, one a pawn in the most widely publicized torture incident and the other a conspirator in making torture a part of the American Way. One simply an asshole, the other an embodiment of evil. Where do I start? Where do I anchor my rage? The United States becoming an entity we would have adamantly opposed at any other point in our history? Making it more dangerous for our troops when they're captured? Expediency over morality? Cowardice over inconvenience? What the heck!

One of the things which hit me, probably from being active duty for nearly ten years, was what this will do to morale. When I was in the service, senior folks took the heat for subordinates. Oftentimes it was unfair, but it was crucial for morale and discipline in the ranks. Now the little guys get the heat, and the prime instigator gets promoted to one of the most powerful (and easily abused) offices in the world. What the heck?!

Last year I saw a concert at the zoo, and ended up talking to one of the cops assigned for presence before and after the show. He told me how he had dressed up as a sailor as part of a sting operation when the fleet was in Seattle (for Seafair). Just a little over ten years ago, there was very little drug abuse in the service. In a squadron of roughly 1000 officers and enlisted troops, there averaged less than one serious incident a year. Much lower than in the civilian world. Now it is a rampant problem, creating a drug enforcement crisis when the fleet comes in, something we haven't seen since the 60's and 70's. It's pretty much what the police officer in Port Orchard told me on the ride-along. That's a pretty good indication the morale was already in the crapper thanks to the Bush regime.

I've already expounded on how all the discrimination I've experienced as a veteran came at the hands of conservatives. More... A couple weeks ago I wanted to find out more about Gulf War Syndrome. I have a mild recurrent rash on the edge of my hands and inner arm, and someone suggested it might be Gulf War Syndrome. I couldn't find any good descriptions or treatment ideas while googling, because I kept running across conservative pundits and politicians talking with assumed wisdom, explaining it was all a myth. I can't remember the exact names, but well-known folks like O'Reilly and TownHall as well as some Republican U.S. Senators and/or Congressmen who claim moderation and common sense, yet blissfully dismiss over one hundred thousand veterans as people trying to scam the taxpayers. What the heck!

Last week I also read how Bush wants to fix VA funding by denying most claims, to people he says are not deserving. More morale building. Meanwhile, this popinjay who avoided active duty or combat service, collected and secreted away his military records, which likely document fraud and dereliction of duty, feels qualified to judge real veterans? Now he is trying to appoint Gonzales. Well, Gonzales got an appointment to the USAF Academy in 1975, which he abandoned in 1975 for a more lucrative scholarship deal. How long will he stay if appointed, and what the heck!

Graner has been sentenced to prison for ten years for following Gonzales' torture guidance. (It wouldn't surprise me in the least if Gonzales prosecuted Graner in civilian court to give him something to look forward to in ten years, which is not considered double jeopardy.) What next, are we going to appoint a Gotti as the head of the FBI?

As a combat veteran here is what neo-cons, and in particular their republican co-conspirators mean to me. You are words, without substance, action, or integrity. You say you support the troops, yet every one of you in the white house who is allowed to make decisions has not served in an active duty status (I don't think the one time hero Powell, and now tame lap dog is allowed to make decisions), and most of you actively evaded service in ways less affluent people never could. To be a republican today you have to be intentionally ignorant, or a coward in the most despicable and weaselly sense of the word. I have no respect for you. You disgust me with your broken promises, world class avarice, and bigotry. May you be granted a super virulent, pussy (as in "Containing or resembling pus."), seeping, and persistent version of my recurrent rash, over your entire bloated, pasty, diseased, and perverted bodies. And may I be granted a great big salt shaker. You'll hear me laughing at your pain the way you are accustomed to laughing at the depraved pictures of those you consider heathens being tortured.

Now every place I wrote heck, replace with the right word, which indeed ends in 'ck'. I'd like to call each and every neocon a motherfucker, but what they do makes incest pale in comparison. There is no obscenity which sufficiently denounces the neocons, so I'll settle for Kevin Spacey's favorite, "Rat Bastard."

Kipley's blog for January 16th makes a nice Star Wars comparison. And his language is much nicer than mine.

On a less raving note...

As I was leaving the house Sunday I noticed a "For Sale" sign on the telephone pole in my yard. I get this all the time, neighbors, churches, real estate agents, and political campaigns (only GOP so far) put signs up in my yard without asking or leaving a note. Occasionally they use the telephone pole, but more often they pound them right into the lawn. Admittedly it is not a particularly healthy lawn, as I don't care for mowing, and it is horrible soil. I am not motivated to work my tail off, spend a fortune watering, just to mow more often.

Still, I don't care for the signs, though I will let anyone (except politicos) put a sign in the yard if they have the courtesy to ask or leave a note. I live on a corner across the street from a junior high. Maybe it makes people think my yard is public property? At least I haven't found strangers eating breakfast or using my bathroom in the morning.

You know what? I just can't get very worked up over the signs in my yard anymore. Not when we have war criminals running the country, and taking those kinds of liberty and much more with the American population and the population of the entire world. The "For Sale" sign is still on my telephone pole, and I do intend to take it down but it is not worth any extra effort.

I have French class tonight. When I've reviewed the lesson, I'm not sure what I've learned. I think I will get myself a French-English dictionary, if they have pronunciations. It's the "talk it to learn it" method, but for study not knowing how the words should sound is a nuisance. There are very consistent rules for enunciation, but nothing at all consistent in what parts are silent. To make matters worse I left my book and notebook at home, though I remembered the bag from the same table top. Guess I'm still not firing on all cylinders.


Blogger ricknight said...

Good Post. It is a sad society indeed that doesn't honour and respect its veterans.

5:30 AM  
Blogger Scott said...

Thank you, I certainly appreciate it. I realize I am fortunate to have other career options, but many folks aren't so lucky. Especially the new generation of veteran's, many of whom have had or will have their psyche's damaged, and I suspect will be marginalized by those claiming to support the troops.

7:00 PM  

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